James Block + Left & Right Ministries LIVE

James Block, a full time resident of Israel, will be visiting the Ava, Missouri area on ‘December 16th, 17th and 21st’ where he plans to host three nights of praise and worship at 7pm.

James has recorded all of his music at his studio in Jerusalem, and his desire is to see the Psalms and other Scriptures restored back into our personal and congregational worship, just as it was in the time of King David.

His web site is at www.selahmusic.org and contains examples of his powerful music. He can also be found on Spotify.

For this final night, Left and Right Ministries will be opening up for James with some of their most popular songs.

Their mission is to share the good news of the Kingdom with everyone on their left and right. As followers of Messiah who have been grafted into the house of Israel, Linden and Ruth continue to proclaim His message of repentance and faith in the Messiah to those who have turned aside from the Way.

Here are some examples of James Block’s music:

Space at our theater is limited, so we ask that if you are not able to attend, please email us at manager@ava.theater to let us know you are canceling