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    Only One Way (5/1/22)

     ****** FREE MOVIE! ****** Paul is confused about life. Raised by devoted Christian parents and home schooled throughout his school years, he is emotionally unprepared for the social challenges and experiences of college. Derailed from faith, he runs wild, abandoning his conservative upbringing. But our Heavenly Father’s hand never leaves him, and his heart cannot deny his First Love. When he finally hits the bottom, deliverance comes through love–love for a young woman whose faith draws him home to the truth that there really is Only One Way to find real joy in life. REVIEWS: ”…a cautionary tale that might prove the biblical adage from 1 Corinthians 15:33 that “bad…

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    Indescribable (4/24/22)

    TWO MEN. 8 CENTURIES. ONE SONG. ****** FREE MOVIE! ******“Amid financial pressures and the uncertainties of World War I, Pastor Frederick Lehman begins to compose a song about the Heavenly Father’s love. When Frederick gets stuck on the third verse, his ten-year-old son, Blynn, calls a sibling council to help Papa finish the song. While the Lehman kids get to work, they waste a lot of paper, explore an old asylum, meet a Jewish ‘Rabbi’, and learns about events that took place 8 centuries earlier. As Blynn grapples with feelings of failure and grief, it’s up to Frederick to help his son discover the truth about the Father’s love. The…

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    Wild Faith (4/10/22)

    ****** FREE MOVIE! ****** “Wild Faith is a moving story about a Civil War veteran named Emmet (Shane Hagedorn), who returns home a hero, but while trying to make peace with his losses and start a new life, finds himself resentful for the treatment he receives from the townspeople after agreeing to house a black woman named Haddie (Lauren LaStrada) and her daughter – post slavery. Facing violence and greatly outnumbered, he struggles to find faith. But a mysterious turn of events provides them with the unexpected help they need to overcome.” REVIEW: “It’s amazing when a story comes to life on the big screen and you feel you’re a…