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Chris Stone, like most Hollywood bad boys, lives the high life, loving nothing but his fame and success as an actor. After a speeding ticket lands him in court, Chris is sentenced to participate in the Mayberry Festival, a film festival hosted by a small North Carolina town to celebrate The Andy Griffith

Why is Chris so against this sentence? Well, it’s not just because he must step away from his LA life for a week, but because his father was also an actor, playing a main character in The Andry Griffith Show. Unfortunately, Chris’ father became an alcoholic post-acting career, leaving Chris with a void rooted in bitterness.

Meanwhile, the Mayberry townspeople grow on Chris. All sorts of fun, homegrown locals take him on a lifetime adventure of discovering what it means to extend forgiveness and give up self for the sake of others.

DOVE REVIEW: Mayberry Man is a charming, homegrown film that not only showcases true community, but features segments for all Andy Griffith fans.

12/2: 6:30pm  |   12/3: 1:30  4:00  6:30

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