Journey to Mount Sinai 2

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Have Exodus Explorers found the evidence for Mount Sinai? Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney completes his 20-year search for the true location of the mountain where the ten commandments were given. In the conclusion of a two-part series, Mahoney uses the Mount Sinai Scorecard to investigate the final three of the six most popular locations proposed for Mount Sinai. Could Mount Sinai actually be Har Karkom, in Israel’s Negev desert, strewn with thousands of pieces of rock art?  Might the mountain be at one of two locations in Saudi Arabia? Mt Bedr, a recently active volcano, or Jabal al Lawz where explorers claim abundant evidence matches the events of the Exodus?  See an amazing pattern of evidence and decide for yourself.                

REVIEW: We highly recommend this (Family Friendly) movie and think you will come out of it with a greater appreciation of the scope of the Exodus, the rich detail recorded in Scripture, and the sites which correspond to some of the camps along the way to Sinai – Answers in Genesis                  

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