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The Defense of New Haven

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This independent Christian film with an all-children cast is back with a sequel to Runner from Ravenshead, providing more fun-filled family entertainment and a message to challenge and inspire. Join Alec, Eddie, Pete, and the crew as they battle through perilous adventures, hilarious mishaps, and tear-jerking moments in this allegorical story filled with fun, humor, and a reminder of the importance of our Heavenly Father’s Word in our life.

Caught in the upheaval when the Raiders begin attacks against the city of New Haven, Alec joins the team that forms the thin line of defense. Slowed by a physical handicap and resistance from members of the team, how will Alec choose where to focus his efforts if he is to keep his job with the force, and save the city?


“Delightful! Our whole family loved it. It was adorable, clever, and well done!” Jeremy S

“The six-year-old LAUGHED and LAUGHED! He laughs at the Chipmunks. I don’t. This movie we both laugh. And he LAUGHED! It was wonderful to watch him and the nine-year old really enjoy a movie together, and I enjoyed it, too. The fact that it was made by a family added to my enjoyment.” D K Livingstone (Online Review)


3/5– 1:30 4:00 6:30