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Why did the German Church embrace Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party? Also, what was a good German, a deeply religious and spiritual man, to do about it?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a young German theologian who offered one of the first clear voices of resistance to Adolf Hitler. Bonhoeffer openly challenged his church to stand with the Jews instead of Hitler their time of greatest need, and he even eventually joined with plots to assassinate Hitler for his crimes. Extensive research in the U.S. and Europe brings to life this amazing story of moral courage.

DOVE REVIEW: “‘Bonhoeffer’ is a revealing look at the inspirational life of a man, a minister, who could not sit idly by during World War II while so many Jews were being harmed and killed. Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke out against Hitler and the Nazi regime and paid the ultimate sacrifice for it. We are more than pleased to award our “Faith-Friendly” 12-plus Seal to this inspiring, dramatic, and compelling film. “Bonhoeffer” is an unforgettable portrait of the man.” 



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