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Royal Ashes

When a nineteen-year-old’s mother falls into addiction, he must choose between his own dreams or staying behind to take care of his four younger siblings.

At nineteen, Paul Royal finds himself being both mother and father to his four younger siblings including a teenage brother with severe autism.

With little more than a high school job in a diner, his dream of becoming a chef is sidelined by mounting debts and problems at home.

Living a life, he never asked for, Paul is overwhelmed and alone until a new girl moves in next door with a message of faith and hope, but will it be too late?  

DOVE REVIEW: “Royal Ashes brings to life the Biblical idea that beauty can stem from situations that appear to be hopeless. The performances overall are authentic and at times heart-wrenching, as the perseverance and character shown by these young people, in their effort to survive and stay together, is enough to inspire any viewer. It merits our Dove-approved Seal for All Ages..”




12/18 – 1:30 4:00 6:00 

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