Take Two (9/18/22)

Take Two

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Take Two is based on a true story about a man’s journey from a drug dealing, self-centered life to one redeemed and transformed by grace. Clay Bauer is trying to restart his career as a filmmaker, and through flashbacks, we are taken through the stories that shaped his earlier life.

We learn of the sweet daughter Clay didn’t know he had bore 10 years earlier, and this revelation gets Clay’s attention in a whole new way. Learning that his daughter Sophie and her mother have been suffering from abusive relationships, Clay is greatly motivated to save them. Can Clay save them and “redeem the time” or is it too late?

“We appreciate the heart and beauty in this story, and we give Take Two our Dove Approved Ages 12+ Seal, with encouragement for families to watch this as a family and discuss the important truths of faithfulness, conviction, and trust….movie contains some intense scenes of abuse and frightened children but the filmmaker works hard to keep the focus on Clay’s hope and determination.”

SHOWTIMES:  9/18 – 1:30  4:00  6:30