Destiny Road (9/11/22)

Destiny Road

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Each of us creates our own history and meets our destiny in this life. But sometimes, during this journey, circumstances seem to swallow us and seem to overwhelm us, and we end up losing our way.

Frank is a dedicated religious leader who becomes obsessed by power, money and unbridled ambition. What will speak louder: the spiritual or material life?

Jeremiah is the result of a dysfunctional family who learns from “the streets” to fend for himself. Only a miracle can save him from a tragic figure.

Elizabeth was raised by an overprotective mother, groomed to go to the best schools and to meet the right guy.

3 different stories, 3 people seeking the same answer to their dilemmas: how to chart a new direction in life. What’s the solution? They find it on Destiny Road.Rating and Music Review | Bound: a Faith-based movie

This inspirational movie focuses on destiny, a theme everyone can relate to! We are pleased to award this film our Family Approved Seal for 12+ due to a few sophisticated themes. This movie does a terrific job of encouraging the viewer to think about the future and one’s destiny.

SHOWTIMES:  9/11 – 1:30  4:00  6:30