Screened In (8/14/22)

Screened In

In this teen-directed feature film, Peyton Hawthorne and her friends become disillusioned when they realize their phones have taken over their lives.

Realizing tech took over their lives with apps that paint perfect realities, a group of teens fight the fake but underestimate withdrawal.

Addiction manifests in more than just the common and obvious ways of drugs, alcohol, and gambling. What should have been a simple challenge now seems impossible as they try to uncover the beauty that lies behind a life less steeped technology. Will they succeed?


“This is a movie with a message! It deals with the problems of too much use of social media, including Smartphones, in a powerful way and it uses several examples of misusing time and misplacing priorities. This movie powerfully drives home the message that the use of social media can yield benefits, but boundaries must be set to avoid potential pitfalls.”

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