Indescribable (4/24/22)



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“Amid financial pressures and the uncertainties of World War I, Pastor Frederick Lehman begins to compose a song about the Heavenly Father’s love. When Frederick gets stuck on the third verse, his ten-year-old son, Blynn, calls a sibling council to help Papa finish the song. While the Lehman kids get to work, they waste a lot of paper, explore an old asylum, meet a Jewish ‘Rabbi’, and learns about events that took place 8 centuries earlier.

As Blynn grapples with feelings of failure and grief, it’s up to Frederick to help his son discover the truth about the Father’s love. The true story of how the classic hymn “The Love of God” came to be, Indescribable features the vocals of gospel music singer Guy Penrod.”

REVIEWS: “This is a movie that will inspire you!” Dove Foundation

“Pristine, special effect movies are empty, but you can actually spend an hour & a half watching this movie and be blessed – and moved to walk closer to your Creator –  What a blessing!” DA

“”The name of the movie is called Indescribable, but the message was quite Invaluable!”” JD

“This movie was so wholesome and enriching. It was such an encouragement that this movie was without secular things that pollute so many films. Amazingly well done 👍 👍” VC Family

Showtimes: 4/24 – 1:30  4:00  6:30